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Dolores aprons are the best way to stay clean and look good while cooking, grilling at the BBQ, painting, and more. Artist Narbero proposes 2 Dolores designs to these durable high quality aprons, and create something that will be worn proudly every day. Makes the perfect gift for your favorite cook. Kid sizes available too.

Product Details

Available in three colors

Comes in 3 sizes:


Standard: 24" x 28"



Long:       30" x 24"



Kids:        20" x 15"




35% cotton / 65% polyester blend, twill fabric

Utensil pockets to keep tools and recipes handy

Machine washable

Made in USA






All the items and Dolores designs are the intellectual property of Christian Bernard aka Narbero. none of the images or textes may be reproduced in any formwhatsoever without permission from the artist. Copyright 2012©- All rights reserved