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Reproduction posters, from Artist Narbero paintings.

Print in hight quality mat paper.

Originals paintings for sale on demand.

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Black Frame (1 1/4")

Our Black Frame is made in America with 100% Ash wood. Hand-fitted by our team of professional framers, this frame will help to protect your artwork for years to come. Moulding Height: 13/16" Moulding Width: 1 1/4" Rabbet 1/2"

Antique White Conservation Mat

Our Antique White Conservation Mat is a 100% cotton rag, acid-free decorative paper board with a smooth texture. Featuring an archival rating of 100+ years, this mat creates a beautiful border around your artwork while helping to extend the lifetime of your photos and prints by avoiding unnecessary damage.


The most basic type of glazing, this clear sheet of acrylic is firm enough to avoid bending in the frame. Standard acrylic glazing works to protect your image from dust and dirt, and is more impact-resistant than glass, so you don't have to worry if the picture falls down. It is perfect for use in children's rooms and in high-traffic areas of your home or office.

Dolores aime les toros


24'' X 20''


Queen Dolores


28'' X 20''


Queen 2 Dolores


12'' X 18''


Dolores aime les oiseaux


20'' x 24''


Dolores aime la bete a bon Dieu


20'' x 24''




All the items and Dolores designs are the intellectual property of Christian Bernard aka Narbero. none of the images or textes may be reproduced in any formwhatsoever without permission from the artist. Copyright 2012©- All rights reserved