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Create the perfect accent for any room with a custom pillow from Dolores. Made of 100% grade A woven cotton, our pillows look great with the designs created by artist Narbero.

Made in the USA.

Sizes 20" x 20" (square)

Made with grade A woven cotton

Fabric is made from natural fibers, which may result in irregularities

Synthetic-filled insert included

Made in the USA


100% Grade A Woven Cotton

Touchably soft and always cool on the other side, our custom pillows are made of 100% grade A woven cotton that’s as durable as it is cuddlable. All pillow covers are 100% machine washable.

$ 62.40



All the items and Dolores designs are the intellectual property of Christian Bernard aka Narbero. none of the images or textes may be reproduced in any formwhatsoever without permission from the artist. Copyright 2012©- All rights reserved