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Beautiful  Dolores women square Leather High-grade Watch

Size: OneSize

Beautiful  Dolores woman square Leather Alloy High-grade Watch

Size: OneSize


Plastic Watches Dolores Black Plastic High Quality Watch(Round)

Size: OneSize

Material: 100% of plastic quartz watch

Unisex Barrel Style Metal Watch Dolores

Bucking horse Barrel Style Metal Watch

Size: One Size - Battery  included.

Metal watch with black leather watchband.



$ 12.95

$ 16.95

$ 16.95

$ 12.95



Dolores Plastic Watches  ladies plastic watch

Size: One Size

Material: 100% percent of plastic quartz watch

$ 15.70

Metal Watches the Dolores metal Watch

(stainless band)

One Size

Material:100%stainless steel

$ 14.95


Dolores women

Metal Watches round Italian Charm Watch

Size: One Size

Material: 100%stainless steel



$ 9.95



All the items and Dolores designs are the intellectual property of Christian Bernard aka Narbero. none of the images or textes may be reproduced in any formwhatsoever without permission from the artist. Copyright 2012©- All rights reserved